Come in and let our trained staff walk you through some of these fun and easy techniques:


Put a handprint on a tile, mug, plate or plaque. Use the paint pen for lettering and add some finishing touches.
Your baby’s hands aren’t little forever – create a lasting memory.

Clay Impressions

Clay handprints are available in several shapes and sizes. Personalize your baby’s impression by painting it yourself. Get creative and do siblings, grandkids, or parent/child prints together.
Don’t forget your cat and dog!


We have hundreds of stencil designs. Lightly sketch your image onto your piece then apply paint. All pencil marks burn away in the firing.


Paint the stamp however you’d like, press on the piece and voilĂ  – you are only minutes away from instant art!

Tile Walls

School fundraisers are a fun and easy way to earn money. Set up a tile wall for your school or church.

You can decorate your home with a personal masterpiece. Address numbers for your front door are a popular choice.