The generic ED medications are based on the same pharmaceutical substance as the original drug. Therefore, generic developers’ main task is to show that the active substance reaches the right place in the body and acts similarly to the original drug. Therefore, it is incorrect to say generics are always worse than the original drug. Those meds are most often sold online by pharmacies like these.

Albertsons Pharmacy (Rank: 5.0) | 989 Avenida Pico, San Clemente, CA 92673, United States | (949) 369-5596

There’s a good chance you could die from old age waiting in line at this Albertsons Pharmacy. Never is there more than one person staffed for prescription pickups. You will leave feeling guilty as they will make you think it’s a major inconvenience you are there picking up your prescription at that date and time (regardless of date and time). They should send their employees to the DMV for customer service training as it would be an improvement from the status quo.

The pharmacy’s associate that helped me with my questions was very knowledgeable, and my medicine was ready within a few minutes.

Rite Aid Pharmacy (Rank: 3.4) | 801 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672, United States | (949) 498-6752

This is honestly the worst pharmacy I’ve ever used. Three times in a row, they don’t have the medications I need, take over a week to get a fill, never call back, or text notifies as they promise. My most recent visit was the worst: called in Phenobarbital for my dog on a Sunday, and the hospital never received the faxed request, they said they would send (I manage the hospital the request was coming to so I can verify it never came). I had the approval called into Rite Aid Pharmacy myself on Wednesday from the hospital I work. I called them on Thursday and was lied to and told the Rx was never called in (again, I worked at the hospital and was there). They gave me a temporary fill to get me through until Monday when the order was supposed to be in since they didn’t have enough in stock. Came in on Tuesday after calling to confirm, waited 40 mins in the parking lot after they told me they needed more time to fill it, just to get told they couldn’t find the bottle so couldn’t give me the meds, after all. Now it’s been over a week with my dog inconsistently on anti-seizure medication because of the service provided by this pharmacy. This is a similar experience for any medication we try to fill here. Always promised calls when meds are ready or texts that never come. Always waiting over a week for our Rx’s. Definitely switching pharmacies after today.

This pharmacy is so great, wonderful staff, and very helpful even had a rush delivery for me after I had surgery! I have never had a better pharmacy!

ViaQX Pharmacy for Men (Rank: 4.6) | 638 Camino De Los Mares, San Clemente, CA 92673, United States | (949) 487-9791

We just moved here from Pasadena.  We wanted an small independent pharmacy not one of those big chains.  We selected ViaQX Pharmacy for Men and their service is great.  They called our old pharmacy and had all of our prescriptions transferred.  Everyone there is friendly and very helpful.

Every compounding pharmacy in my area was closed. I called ViaQX Pharmacy for Men and was told they weren’t accepting new patients due to the pandemic. I explained the urgency surrounding my newborn and he immediately offered to help and prepped my prescription to ensure it was ready upon arrival. Super helpful! Thank you Tom!

Ralphs Pharmacy (Rank: 3.6) | 811 Avenida Talega, San Clemente, CA 92673, United States | (949) 940-0167

The medication was given to me within 10 minutes. The pharmacist was able to answer questions about my deductible better than my own insurance. Excellent!

In a short time, I’ve lived downtown, I have consistently had the worst experience at the Ralphs Pharmacy pharmacy (called Psycho Mart for more than one reason). I’ve stayed because of the convenience of having a pharmacy two blocks from my apartment. The staff there are rude, incompetent, and sexist. I should not get a racing pulse and anxiety every time I need to deal with the pharmacy, which is more often then it should be because they frequently can’t fill meds on time. It may mean walking a few extra blocks, but I’m happy to be moving my prescriptions to the CVS pharmacy.